I joined the supply chain workforce February 2020, since then I have worked for 6 trucking companies.

During that time I have kept copious notes. In due time those notes will be legally reviewed here.

In those 6 years I have worked for:

  1. A Nebraska ultra woke company

  2. A Nebraska ultra right wing company

  3. An Oklahoma seller of a non-existant romantic dream

  4. A Florida penny pincher

  5. A Florida operations disaster

  6. No current comment on my existing company

No trucking company will treat you as a normal human being. In my opinion all trucking companies see their drivers as low IQ, uneducated and inner bread. You WILL be spoken to as subservient. Take it, don't take it, this is purely up to you.

For me, I will not!

This is my second career. Previously I worked 9 countries on 4 continents. These jobs include Professional Photographer, Department of Commerce Foreign Diplomat, College Professor, Video Producer, DOD Lindquist, Panama Canal Yacht Line Handler, U.S. Foreign Civil Service, High School Teacher, Drive Inn Car Hop, Library Assistant, Welders Assistant and Ditch Digger.

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